Oh, hey!


Hi! I'm Jami -

I'm the girl behind the computer and camera. Feel free to scroll down to check out my face, so you know who you're talking to... That's important! 



  1. I have an addiction to nachos - It's the perfect food!

  2. I'm an Extroverted-Introvert.

  3. I'm a Pescatarian - I haven't eaten meat other than fish in over 10 years, although my diet mostly consists of vegetables, cheese and wine.

  4. I change my hair color more than most people probably should.

  5. My wedding ring is engraved with "let's count the stars" - feel free to ask me about this. It's probably the most romantic thing my Husband has ever done.



I am a wife - to my incredible husband, Keith (who also happens to be a very talented photographer himself). He is also my second shooter, tech support, emotional support (lol), handyman, love of my freaking life and partner in all things. We are always together and we like it that way! We have been together over 15 years, married for 3 of those, meaning I've spent more days of my life with him than without. He is my calm and a constant source of encouragement, reminding me that I am capable of all things I set my mind to. He's kind of wonderful that way! Our favorite thing is to pack the car, grab the dog and drive somewhere where we can sleep under the stars, open a bottle of wine, start a campfire to warm our bones and simply talk about the universe. I've found that those moments are my happy place, not necessarily the destination.

We have an immense passion for documenting life, weddings and epic outdoor ceremonies... Because, well, that's who we are! Keith and I eloped in Yellowstone NP, surrounded by only a few close friends and family - and it. was. awesome! We are wilderness seekers, backpackers, lovers, road-trippers, off-roaders, wine drinkers, self proclaimed foodies, vegetable gardeners, museum lovers, punk rock show attenders, Sunday morning stay in bed snugglers, out here tryin to be the kindest humans possible kind of people! 

I'm not looking to show up and be an awkward machine on your wedding day. I will work my ass off for you guys no doubt, but I will also laugh with you, cry with you, calm you, dance with you and help reinforce that your wedding day is supposed to be freaking awesome! All while creating gorgeous photographs, that's a no brainer, that's what I do best! 

"Her work is incredible and as a an added bonus her and her awesome husband are super rad people."  -See more reviews HERE!