Enrique + Sarah | Balboa Park Engagement


      You know when you meet people and you think to yourself "heck yes, these are my kind of people!" - well, that's exactly how I felt meeting Enrique + Sarah! These two are from beautiful San Diego, so Sarah suggested Balboa Park for their engagement session. Being from San Diego myself I was totally up for that idea, I love the stunning architecture and incredible gardens, and let's be honest I'm kind of a museum nerd so I make Keith take me on date nights out there all the time.

      I always start simple when I shoot engagements, I want to get a feel for how comfortable my clients are in front of my camera, to see what natural body language comes out and how two people in love look at one another. I tend to make small chat and move around quite a bit to see what inspires me... The session was going great, but about half way through a really neat pop of color caught my eye, and I said 'woah, look at that awesome bar! is that an art installation hanging above it?' Enrique replied 'we should totally go in there and grab a drink...' Boom, right then, I knew. These were my kind of people! We had delicious cocktails and had awesome conversation. We ran around Balboa Park and took beautiful photographs, it was such a great time with really great people. I also vividly remember the statement, "Jami, you're going to love our wedding! We are having authentic Mexican food and a mariachi band, it's going to be a good time!" .......Did we just become best friends!? YUP!

Their September wedding is going to absolutely amazing - I can't wait to party with these two!

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