Ruben + Lauren | Joshua Tree Engagement


         Some engagement sessions leave my cheeks in pain from laughing so hard for so long, this was one of those sessions! I've known Ruben + Lauren for some time, we met through a mutual friend, and they are just the sweetest humans ever. Lauren is a teacher, but don't let that fool you, she is an incredible singer as well. Ruben is a brilliant musician (you can hear him throw down on the bass in his band Hunter Lavendar, they play a lot of shows in Riverside, so go see them, they rock!)
       These two have been together for a very long time, they are high school sweethearts like Keith and I - so I know how exciting it is to finally be engaged and planning a wedding after so many years together, especially for friends and family, haha! I was so excited when they asked to hire me to photograph their wedding! We had talked so many times before about our mutual love for the outdoors, and how Joshua Tree is such a special place. We all frequent the park to hike and camp, so I knew right away I wanted to photograph them there! We decided to go out with some friends, have some drinks, pop some champagne and run around in the desert. These two are a freaking blast to be around, and I wanted their energetic personalities to show through in the photographs. But, when they aren't laughing and having a good time with the people around them, you will find them tucked away in a corner whispering lovely things to each other. There's no doubt in their love, they come as a package. When they are together they come alive, you'll never see them smile bigger or love greater, and I wanted those quite moments to shine too.

Cheers Ruben + Lauren!! To many more adventures and to an incredible wedding this October!!

Jami JeskeyComment