Frequently Asked Questions


We're awkward - is that going to be a problem?

Uhhh, nope! Here's the thing, for most people being in front of the camera IS awkward - now let's add Jami third wheeling, asking you to snuggle and settle into intimate poses with a camera in her hand. I just one upped your idea of awkward. Having said that, every couple who has ever come to be with this question has also come out of their experience so positive and excited! You don't need to worry about 'modeling', I want you to focus on each other, be present, be authentic, remember how special this moment is, how much you love one another, and have a good time!

When should I book + How do I reserve my date?



We are an LGBTQ couple, will you take us as clients?

When will we receive our photos, and how? Can we print them?


Do you shoot Video?

I sure don't... But, I do work with awesome videographers. You can check them out on my preferred vendors list. And here's a big bonus if you're interested in awesome video, we adore working with traveling husband and wife videographers Wander On Studios. In fact, we love them so much, we offer a discount to brides who book us both! So if you're on the fence or looking seriously, definitely ask about that. 


Do you travel for weddings?


Are you insured?


How many images will we receive?

Do you need a shot list?

Why should I consider an unplugged wedding?

Can we see a full wedding gallery?

Has your work been published?


What are your rates?

Do you bring backup gear?

I like what I see, now what?

So you photograph weddings, what do your couples have to say after the fact?