Chelsea + Brandon | Edgy Big Sur Engagement Session


Keith and I speak pretty frequently about how incredible it is that this photography business we started 10 years ago has brought people into our lives who make us feel a little less alone. You know, those kind of people you meet and not only feel connected to but also feel like you could learn so much from? When after you meet them you say, “damn, those are our kind of people!” We’ve been lucky enough to say that about most of our couples, and that’s exactly how we feel about Chelsea and Brandon!

When we first met these two it was over delicious Mexican food, and quite honestly that’s always the best way to bond in my opinion. We talked for hours, about their wedding day dreams and fears, how they met and survived long distances between them for long periods of time, their travels and fondest memories together. We connected over our love of all black wardrobes, music and live shows. I knew these two were something special from the moment we met them!

It’s not often we freely offer Big Sur to our clients… This place is more to Keith and I than just a pretty destination. It feels like our second home, and we treasure this part of the world immensely. Keith and I personally hold intimate memories here, we’ve backpacked just the two of us (and Tucker) for days in the mountains there, stargazed alone in the backcountry miles from any roads, explored unnamed beaches and redwood groves. It’s a place we’re passionate about spending time in and fiercely protecting. It means a lot to bring couples to places we’ve personally fallen in love in, and fallen in love with. These redwood groves and empty beaches are a part of our own love story, and sharing it with these two felt SO freaking right! When you’re on the right path and living life from a place of love, magic happens…

Chelsea + Brandon, we’re stoked to know you and create so many more amazing memories and photographs with you!


Hair + Makeup: Ashley Horvath