Heather + Max | Free Spirited Big Sur Engagement


Big Sur….

What can I say, Big Sur is a place close to mine and Keith’s hearts. We spend much of our time on this section of the California coast, exploring, hiking and backpacking. We know this place like the back of our hands. Keith spent time there with his parents when he was a kid, and they took me when we first started dating. We fell in love with the little town of Cambria over 10 years ago and go back several times a year. It’s our little place to escape to together. Whether we are in an ocean front vacation rental or tent camping under the stars, we feel so connected to this little part of the world. It’s magical, truly. Go see it if you haven’t.

Another thing we’ve fallen in love with is sharing this place with the people in our lives. We had a camping trip planned with a pretty big group of friends, so when I was talking to Heather and Max about their engagement session I mentioned this trip to them. I knew they were free spirited, nature loving campers like we are, so having them join us turned out to be absolutely perfect! They packed up the tent, the dog (Rocky, a rescue, how adorable is he!?) and drove up from Los Angeles to meet us for campfires and adventure. These are the sessions that inspire me to my f*cking core, a blend of so many of my passions all brought together to create incredible images (and memories).

Bottom line: we are always down for an adventure, and you are always welcome to join us on one of ours, we’ll create magic along the way! Promise.

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