- Love is pretty rad -

Love is freaking wild, right? Think about it, look at what it's taken for you to get HERE. It's a trip! But here's the thing, you two chose each other, out of all other people, to say hell yes - lets do this! That's powerful and real and I want to document that. I photograph love, all love, all the time. Everyone's connection is so different, and it's my job to see the otherwise subtle sparks that happen between two people. I want you to look back on your photographs and feel that again and again.

 >Based in Southern California<

Jami’s work has an earthy, tangible feel. Her images are ingrained with emotion and effortlessly paired with the natural surroundings. She uses the earth and it’s landscapes to create beautiful photographs that show the bond between people and nature.



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You're a person, not just a number + I'm a person too, not just a robot vendor. You're here because you like what you see and want rad photographs + I'm here because I love what I do and create said rad photographs - so let's get to know each other! 

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